Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Country Snapshots: Week of Feb 3rd

It's been a cold and snowy week in the northwest hills of Connecticut!  Snow on Monday, 12+ inches today, and a big  Nor'easter coming on Sunday night.  The girls and I are home from school and JP's office closed for the day. (Although he still went in for a bit... I think he just wanted to drive the truck in a snowstorm!)  It's starting to remind me a little of a Little House in the Big Woods day (in the Little House on the Prairie series, if you're not familiar)... just made some French bread and the girls and I are getting going on handmade Valentine's cards.  I've been sick with pneumonia/bronchitis for three weeks now and it feels so good to finally feel good and have some energy again!

The door to the run has been open... but no footprints in the snow!  My Plymouth Barred Rock hen has been the only one curious enough to stick her head outside, but then she high-tailed it back inside. 

Ernie, one of our Old English Southdowns, looking a bit depressed by the snow (or is he depressed by the state of his white wool?).  I'm sure he'd rather be grazing in his big meadow.

I walked out in the meadow yesterday and there are a variety of wild animal footprints zig-zagging all over the place.  These looked like fox, but there were also coyote, deer, some small animals that burrowed tunnels under the snow... and I caught the whiff of a skunk.  There were unfortunately raccoon prints by the chicken coop door but everyone inside was safe.

Burt and Ernie... looks like they've been jumping in the hay.

The edge of the meadow.

Goldenrod in the meadow.

Hope you enjoyed this week in country snapshots!  Visit my Pinterest page for more photos!
Cheers!  -Katie

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